Posted by: Jennifer | January 2, 2007

Alias – Season 2

After the Christmas holiday, I had time to sit down and watch all of the episodes from season 2. Overall, I really liked the second season. There were some great characters – Ariana Kane as an Alliance counterintelligence agent (played by Faye Dunaway), Jim Lennox – a CIA agent who was the first person to be doubled as part of project Helix (played by Ethan Hawke), Neil Caplan – a scientist who gets kidnapped by Sloane and has his own spy inspired marriage (played by Christian Slater) and especially Irina Derevko – as Sydney Bristow’s mother (played brilliantly by Lena Olin). However, what I really liked about this season was the development of relationships – obviously Sydney and Vaughn’s relationship becomes deeper; Sydney and Irina start to build a relationship, Will and Vaughn form an interesting work relationship; Sloane, Sark and Irina form some type of secret alliance that really had some twists and turns, Jack and Irina were fascinating to watch together; Sydney and Dixon’s relationship is sorely tested; and of course Will and Francie entered into an romantic relationship that I really didn’t see coming.

I also enjoy the second season because it was the one that got me hooked on the show. The Getaway was the first show that my husband and I watched when it originally aired. I had tried to get into the show the previous year with The Solution. In this episode, Sydney and Vaughn travelled to Sri Lanka to make a deal with Sark for a Rambaldi artifact. Dixon meanwhile was sent by SD-6 to thwart the sale. When I saw Sydney trying to avoid Dixon (I didn’t know about the whole double agent thing), I got confused and gave up on the show. Fortunately, I was able to get into the next year.

My Favorite Episodes (in no particular order):

  1. The Enemy Walks In – The reunion between Sydney and her mother was my favorite part of this episode.
  2. Passage, Part II – The interaction and bickering between Jack Bristow and Irina Derevko is classic. I love the part where Sydney finally has to put a stop to the bickering. I would have jumped out of the train first too.
  3. Phase One – SD-6 is finally taken down. Sydney and Vaughn allow their relationship to deepen. When I first saw this episode, I was stunned by Sark’s revelation that this had been part of Sloane’s master plan. In re-watching all five seasons of Alias (ok, only four – I  haven’t yet watched season five on DVD), it seems pretty obvious that Sloane was manipulating the course of events.
  4. Double Agent – Although I found the way that CIA agent Emma Wallace (played by Olivia d’Abo) died to be pretty horrific (Pop goes the weasel hasn’t sounded the same since), I liked Jim Lennox’s character. I also liked the way that he and Sydney bonded during the episode. I admit that I couldn’t figure out which one was the real Jim Lennox – and that only added to my enjoyment of the episode. I was definitely hooked by the storyline.
  5. Endgame – By the time this episode aired, I was really wondering what would happen to Neil Caplan. Sydney and Vaughn had already saved his wife Elsa (played by Tracy Middendorf) and child from Sloane. I was happy that Neil was finally freed. The story surrounding Neil, who had been recruited by the NSA, and Elsa, who was a Russian agent ordered to marry Neil had a slightly different twist than the Jack & Irina one.

Some Favorite Moments:

  • In The Getaway when Weiss gives Vaughn advice about telling Sydney how he feels. Weiss claims to have changed his mind about their relationship after his near death experience. It was good to finally get Weiss back on the show.
  • From A Higher Echelon – Marshall gets his chance to save Sydney with a parachute lined in his jacket. Hysterical! Go Marshall!
  • In Second Double, Jack shows Sydney and Vaughn a videotape of themselves. The looks that pass between them in the conference room (and the looks they get from Jack) are priceless.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the second season finale, The Telling. However, the Julia Thorne/Covenant/Vaughn & Lauren storyline from Season 3 irritated me beyond belief. I haven’t actually watched this episode again. The ending is firmly etched in my brain, and so far, I haven’t felt the need to sit through the episode again.

Pet Peeves:

  • The way that various government agencies seem to come in and take over the task forces, the agents, etc. whenever they felt the need. Who did Kendall actually work for? The FBI, the CIA, was he part of the Department of Special Research. Where does the NSA come into play? The agency alphabet soup was too much to keep track of at times.


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