Posted by: Jennifer | January 1, 2007

Alias – Season 1

Alias is one of my all-time, favorite tv shows. Over the recent holidays while I was home feeling a bit under the weather from hives, I watched all 22 episodes from the first season – which without a doubt is one of my favorite seasons of the show. The revelations about Sydney Bristow, her father Jack and her mother Irina Derevko (Laura Bristow) during the first season truly had the power to surprise.

My favorite episodes from season 1 (in no particular order):

  1. Almost Thirty Years – This was definitely one of my favorite episode from season 1. The only part of this episode that I didn’t like was the fact that Vaughn’s fate was unclear when the episode ended. However, the scene where Sydney’s mother appears after Khasinou reveals that he is not “The Man” was truly riveting. One of the best Jack scenes is the one where Will hugs him after Jack makes the trade with Sark. Jack Bristow is a great character.
  2. Masquerade – I loved the story line with Noah Hicks as one of Sydney’s love interests. Noah was a great character. I really felt that he had conflicted feelings for Sydney which kind of made him endearing.
  3. Snowman – This might be one of my favorite Alias episodes ever. The scene where Sydney sees the bandage on the Snowman’s arm as he lay dying after their fight and realizes that Noah is the Snowman makes tears come to my eyes every time.
  4. Truth Be Told – How can the pilot not be one of my favorite episodes? There is so much necessary background information in this episode – and I think it sets the tone for the show perfectly. Danny Hecht is adorable, and his proposal to Sydney is downright funny. However, I do often have to fast forward through the scene where Sydney tells Will that she and Danny are engaged. His pain is palpable – and I’ve never been quite sure why he sticks around (the same is true when he later finds out about Sydney’s feelings for Vaughn).
  5. The Box, Part II – Quentin Tarantino as McKenas Cole is an incredible character. Vaughn’s rush into SD-6 headquarters to help Sydney is telling of his feelings for her. Despite this, my favorite moment of the episode is when Jack cuts off Sloane’s finger in order to deactivate the fail safe to stop the building from exploding.


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  1. I watched all of Season 1 and 2 in Iraq, it was a great deversion. Great show!I can’t wait to watch it with my wife(after we get done with Seasons 1-5 of 24: We are in Season 5 now:)

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