Posted by: Jennifer | January 1, 2007

After The Music – Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer. After the Music (Mira, 1986). 1551664526.

Main Characters:Sabina Cane and Hamilton Regan Thorndon the Third (Thorn)

Description from the book:

Just Kidding!

It all started as a joke. Sabina was only pretending to be engaged to her best friend, millionaire Al Thorndon. Al had talked her into this scheme as a way to trick his oler brother, Thorn. Al had no choice but to lie. And to make Sabina his accomplice.

Sabina thought that it would be for just one night. When Thorn accused her of being a gold digger, Sabina just laughed it off. She didn’t think of the repercussions-that Thorn would dig up her long-buried secrets. Revealing them now would destroy everything she’d worked so hard to put behind her. But she couldn’t let her best friend down, could she?

My Thoughts:

Diana Palmer is definitely one of my favorite authors. This is a cute story. Generally, stories in which one of the main characters deliberately misleads the other (ie pretending to be engaged) aren’t my favorite. However, Thorn is a great male lead character.

Read again: January 1, 2007.



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  2. This book is one of my favorite romances of all time. How could anyone not fall in love with Thorn?

  3. I don’t know! I love Thorn also. I guess I’m a sucker for the taciturn and gruff leading men.


  5. Me too!!!!

  6. i’m so surprise with your know?i want be author like you..can you give me steps to do it?i want talk with you about anything

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